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Watch, manage and research your stocks and funds in Excel
Q Do you offer a special upgrade discount to owners of ESQuotes 1?
  Yes! Please click here to see if you qualify.
Q I purchased ESQuotes and the data is not in real-time. What do I do?
Q Are the real-time quotes free? No ECN fees? No subscription fees?
Q How can I stop the reminder after 500 stock quotes?
  By purchasing ESQuotes for a low one time fee, not only does the reminder stop nagging you, but you get real time quotes, and auto quotes too!
Q What is your update policy?
  Updates are free to everyone!
Q Is your order page secure?
  Yes! We use state of the art SSL encryption, plus we accept all major credit cards and have fraud protection.
Q How do I re-activate ESQuotes 1.x if I lost my serial number?
Simply enter the email you regestered with here
Q What exchanges do you support?
  Right now we support most US equities on the major exchanges: NASDAQ, AmEx, NYSE and OTC. ESQuotes also supports the Australia, Canada, France, German, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Spain & UK exchanges. As we get requests, we add new ones. Use ESQMgr to select the exchange you would like to use.
Q Why don't mutual funds quote?
  You probably have real time quotes selected. Run the ESQMgr program and select delayed quotes.
Q How does ESQuotes work?
  It works by using ESQuotes2.DLL and a Visual Basic script inside Excel. VBScript acts as a conduit between the spreadsheet and our DLL. Our DLL connects to the Internet using low level routines and submits multiple requests to the quote server for the stock symbols you selected. It then parses (figures out where each piece of information is) the stock data and the individual functions in each cell returns the actual data from the Internet.
Q Why do only 5 symbols get prices after a while?
  If you quote more than a few thousand quotes, the free unregistered version will eventually limit you to only 5 symbols. Purchasing will remove the limit and allow you to quote up to 300 symbols per page!
Q Will our corporate firewall or proxy server block this?
  No! Unless your firewall or proxy server blocks all browser access, it can't tell the difference between this and a normal browser, neither can the quote server for that matter. If you have a personal firewall, you may have to configure it to allow Excel to access the Internet.
Q Does ESQuotes hold the connection open?
  The connection is opened and closed in less than 1 second. Actual performance depends on the complexity of your page.
Q Will the corporate Internet police detect suspicious activity?
  Your net activity will be so brief (total connect time should be well under 10 minutes for a whole day), that no one should notice. Bandwidth usage is virtually zero.
Q What quote server do you use?
  We use a variety of public servers and select the most reliable one for you automatically!
Q What will happen if your quote server stops working?
  We will update ESQuotes as soon as possible, inform our registered users and post a link for an update. This will be free to everyone.
Q Are there plans for further improvements?
  Yes! We just released version 2 and more great features are on the way!
Q I inserted new symbols and they aren't quoting. I get "symbol not found". What's wrong?
The problem usually is that =ESQSymbols(range,"title") isn't included in your spreadsheet or the <range> isn't including the new symbols you just added. Cell B4: in ESQExample2.xls shows this. Make sure the <range> includes all the symbols you want quoted. Then force Excel to recalculate a couple of times.
Q Can you get real time quotes?
  Yes! But you have to purchase ESQuotes in order to take advantage of this feature. Click here to purchase ESQuotes. This is a one time $29 fee. There are no additional subscription fees required!
Q How did you come up with idea?
  I wanted an easy to use stock portfolio that updated prices during the day. I used to work where I had real-time quotes on my desk (Thanks Mike and Dan!) and got very spoiled. I had a grid of stocks similar to the workbook I provide. I vowed to write one just like it. I discovered that Excel could call a DLL. The proverbial light bulb went on so I rushed some crude code out that did just what I wanted! It worked so well, I decided to polish it up and publish it.
Q Can ESQuotes quote options?
Q I'd like to post ESQuotes on my site, how can I do this?
  You can simply copy SetupESQuote2.exe on your site with no permission. Just don't modify the files. You can also join our affiliate program and make money by placing a link on your site. You can even request a custom version made just for you to distribute!
Q I have proprietary data on our network that I'd like to able to import into Excel the same way you retrieve quotes. Is a custom version possible?
  We can make special versions for you that can retrieve any data you can think of. The basic idea will work for any kind of data. ESQuotes is targeted to Excel and stock market data, but the application of the technology can be applied in many different ways.
Q Can ESQuotes be included as part of another product for sale?
  Contact us for possibility and rights for your intended use and what kind of product you want to include ESQuotes with.
This software is not to be used for trading decisions. The data is delayed and may not represent actual current market data. The data is for informational purpose only. We can not guarantee that this software will work for any amount of time due to the fact that it relies on a public quote server, which can change and break our software at any time. We will provide free updates (if possible)

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