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ESQuotes Micorsoft Excel stock quotes for the Internet
Watch, manage and research your stocks and funds in Excel

Key features (see actual screen shots and for details, see the overview page). Red are 2.1 enhancements.
  • Free real time quotes (when exchange turns it back on) for registered users!
  • RSS news feeds.
  • Many international stock exchanges supported.
  • Auto quote lets you watch Excel automatically update prices!
  • Quotes any valid ticker symbols including all NYSE, NASDAQ, most OTC listed stocks and mutual funds.
  • Quotes most options with strike price and open interest.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Excel allows you to dynamically update stock and option prices without leaving your workbook!
  • Directly updates stock, option prices and historical data from web to your spreadsheet cells.
  • No more downloading or importing market data.
  • Works through all proxy servers and firewalls.
  • Nearly zero bandwidth usage.
  • Less than 1 second connect/disconnect time.
  • Add to your existing spreadsheets.
  • Quote up to 5,000 stocks per spreadsheet and multiple spreadsheets per workbook.
  • Easy to use functions extend Microsoft Excel's capabilities.
  • Works with any Internet connection (dialup, DSL, cable modem, T1, ISDN, etc..)
  • Market data: price, change, volume, high, low, date and time. Over 30 market data items in total.
  • Example workbook contains many other powerful features including links to useful financial sites.
  • Easy to Install/Uninstall
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel '95 and higher.
  • No spyware, no ad ware, no privacy issues.

Some of the many benefits you receive by using ESQuotes.
  • Boss and co-workers won't harass you for constantly being on the Internet. Familiar Microsoft Excel will go unnoticed by the casual glance.
  • Corporate Internet Police won't notice your activity. Virtually zero bandwidth usage and connect time.
  • Corporate Software Police won't harass you for unauthorized software on your computer. Single DLL is all that's required.
  • Save time; no entry errors! No typing in prices, they update automatically.
  • Save money: no subscription fees for real time quotes; don't pay for expensive specialty software. ESQuotes is only $29!
  • No learning curve: ESQuotes uses familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet as a framework
  • Learn new tricks for Microsoft Excel. Numerous examples.
  • Flexible: you design the system your way.
  • Fast response: no web pages with graphics to download. Only necessary data sent

Some of the many uses for ESQuotes are listed below.
  • Check stock portfolio performance.
  • Check 401K performance.
  • Research stocks and mutual funds with our convenient links.
  • Instantly get snapshots of the general market condition at any time.
  • Get financial news on each stock or fund.
  • Find opinions, ratings, price targets and more on various equities and funds.
  • Chart and graph funds and stocks.
  • Scan popular message boards for each stock or fund.
  • Write VBscript macros that notify you when a stock reaches certain limits.
  • Much more!

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