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Visit our FAQ page for common questions on ESQuotes.

Watch our introduction on ESQuotes.

Tutorial on updating your workbooks.

Visit the ESQMgr page for help on the ESQuotes Manager program.

Function reference and help on the ESQuotes spreadsheet functions.

Trouble shooting guide.

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Download ESQuotes programmer's API

Getting started

Open ESQBasic.xls - This is a basic workbook which uses all the functions.

Open ESQExample2.xls - This is a more complex workbook which uses all the functions. This contains sheets for Stocks, Funds, Indexes, Reference bookshelf and others.

Open Exchange.xls - This contains sheets for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Spain, UK

Open ESQBlank.xls to start with a clean slate. This is a blank workbook with the proper interface installed so you can build your own.

If you must know how to start from ground zero, then here's how you do it.
For you power users, the Visual Basic module is the interface between Excel and ESQuote.DLL (our low level interface to the Internet).

Start from scratch

  1. (In Excel) Open a new workbook.
  2. (In Excel) Go to "Tools: macro: visual basic editor" <Alt+F11>
  3. (In Visual Basic Editor) Go to "File: Import" and select "ESQuotes.bas"
  4. Close Visual Basic Editor.
  5. Make sure to add =ESQSymbols(Range, Title) to a cell in each spreadsheet you want to use market data in. The other functions are all optional.
ESQSymbols Set range of ticker symbols to use for quotes.
ESQPrice Get last reported trade price for ticker symbol.
ESQHigh Get today's reported high market price for ticker symbol.
ESQLow Get today's reported low market price for ticker symbol.
ESQVolume Get today's reported total share volume for ticker symbol.
ESQChange Get current price change from previous close for ticker symbol.
ESQDate Get date of last trade for ticker symbol.
ESQTime Get time of last trade for ticker symbol.
ESQOpen Get opening price for the day; first trade of the day
ESQ52WkHigh Get 52 week high for ticker symbol.
ESQ52WkLow Get 52 week low for ticker symbol.
ESQCurrency Get currency code for ticker symbol.
ESQAsk Get current ask price.
ESQAvgVol Get average daily volume.
ESQBid Get current bid price.
ESQDivShare Get dividend per share for ticker symbol.
ESQDivPayDt Get dividend pay date for ticker symbol.
ESQDivYield Get dividend yield for ticker symbol.
ESQEPS Get (EPS) Earnings per Share for ticker symbol.
ESQExDiv Get date of Ex-dividend for ticker symbol.
ESQMktCap Get current market cap for ticker symbol.
ESQName Get the long name of the ticker symbol.
ESQPE Get (PE) price to earnings ratio of ticker symbol.
ESQPrevClose Get closing price for trading day prior to last reported trade.
ESQOpenInt Get option open interest for ticker symbol.
ESQStrike Get option strike price for ticker symbol.
ESQVolPct Get today's trading volume as a % of avg trading volume.
ESQHistory Get last 30 days of historical data.
ESQGraph Display a graph with a mark between a high value and low value.
ESQVersion Get version of Visual Basic module in workbook.
ESQDLLVersion Get version of DLL.
ESQRegistration Get registration status.
ESQInfo Get any information from DLL to diagnose a potential problem.
ESQAlert Pop up a modal dialog box on a condition.
ESQAlertPlay Play an audible alert on a condition.

From time to time, your quoted prices will show up as zero. Valid stock prices are never zero. If a stock goes to zero, the associated company will be out of business and delisted. So if you see zero prices, then use this table to determine what's wrong.
  1. Use your browser too see if you can get quotes via Yahoo. If not, then thereís either a problem with Yahoo or your internet connection.
  2. If you canít access any web sites, then your connection is bad.
  3. If your browser functions normally, then make sure that ESQuotes2.DLL is in the same directory as Excel.exe.
  4. Use the function =ESQinfo(). It will generally give you a description of any errors it encounters
Possible problem Solution
Symbols not set ESQSymbols( range, "Title") needs to be somewhere on the spreadsheet. The range needs to include the whole list of symbols you're quoting. Ex: =ESQSymbols(A4:A40,"Symbols")
Maket feature disabled. Go to ESQMgr and click on the "Data" tab. Make sure market data feature is checked.
Symbol invalid Click here to look up symbol
Trial period expired. After quoting several thousand quotes, ESQuotes will limit you to 5 symbols. All others will quote 0. Purchase ESQuotes. Then run the ESQmgr program and enter your registration code.
Cells may not have recalculated Press F9 or Ctrl+Alt+F9
Selected stock exchange doesn't list stock Run ESQMgr, click on the "option" tab and select the proper stock exchange for the stocks you're trying to quote.
ESQuotes2.dll is not in the Windows\system directory or where Excel can find it. Reinstall ESQuotes or copy ESQuotes.dll to directory where Excel.exe is stored.
A problem exists between your computer and the quote server. Click here to see if your browser brings up Yahoo.com properly.
At certain times of the day, the quote server is reset and may return blank, zero or "N/A" for responses. All you can do is try again later.
Quote server may be down. Try again later.

This software is not to be used for trading decisions. The data is delayed and may not represent actual current market data. The data is for informational purpose only. We can not guarantee that this software will work for any amount of time due to the fact that it relies on a public quote server, which can change and break our software at any time. We will provide free updates (if possible)

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