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Getting started

ESQMgr is where you select the various exchanges you want to use and register your version of ESQuotes.

Visit our FAQ or support page for common questions on ESQuotes.
Real Time quotes and other exchanges

To select real time quotes and other exchanges, run ESQMgr and click on the "options" tab. Select the exchange you want to use and click on the "apply" button.

If you selected real time quotes and haven't purchased ESQuotes, a message will pop up and ask you to register before allowing the real time quote option to work.

The symbols for non US exchanges will require a suffix like:

FUL.L, EID.L, 500340.DE, 840400.DE, etc.

You may discover that selecting real time quotes makes the mutual funds option not work any longer. This is because mutual funds only get priced after the market closes and the real time quote server won't get the last price. You must select delayed quotes using ESQMgr to get mutual funds to price. We're looking into making them both work at the same time.

Auto quotes

Auto quotes makes Excel retrieve quotes on a selected time interval. Registration is required before this option will work.

To use: Simply click on the spin box arrows in the "options" tab, select the time interval in hours: minutes: seconds you would like ESQuotes to refresh. Press the "apply" button to activate the feature.

The option is turned off by setting the interval to zero or clicking on the "off" option.


The cache option stores the last known price values retrieved from the Internet. This is useful if you are on a dialup connection and you want to see the last known values without having to connect. This option is turned off by default because we don't want to confuse anyone with old quote data. But if this feature is useful to you, then simply enable the cache.

On your disk, you may find a file named ESQuotes.csv. This is our cache file. It is simply a text file with comma separated values for the symbol, price, open, high, low, date and time. You may delete this file without causing any errors, but then you won't get your cached values until the next time you connect to the Internet..


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