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Welcome to the ESQuotes news letter.

02/03/07 I found a great way to bring back real-time quotes giving you flexibility in the provider you want to use. You will be able to still use ESQuotes the same way you do now, plus you'll be able to pick from over 20 feed vendors. This will be done by using a 3rd party product which can obtain the feeds, ESQuotes will then use the same feed. If you have one of the supported vendors, then there's no extra cost for you. I'll keep you posted as I get more information. I won't reveal the 3rd party solution because it's too early and I don't want the 3rd party to learn I'm doing this yet. So when will I have this? Let's just say, the prototype is working now. I hope to have this in production ready in less than 6 weeks.

01/25/07 ESQuotes 2.1 was officially released today! Download it now. The biggest improvement was the RSS news feeds. Now you can see live news headlines as soon as they're published, just like prices. We know this is an exciting feature and we wanted you to have it as soon as possible. The other improvements are our examples and some documentation. We also fixed a few things too. Enjoy!

12/19/06 Update for ESQuotes 2.x DLL. This is a release to fix a problem some people experience after registering ESQuotes 2.x. To use this update, download the file, unzip it and read the ReadMe.htm file enclosed. Essentially, all you need to do is replace your old DLL with the new one.

09/19/06 ESQutes for OpenOffice.org Calc! Yes, we now have a working Open Office version for you to use. It's not completely done yet, but we thought, that rather than make you wait months for us to get this out the door, you would appreciate a working prototype. It should be bug free, we didn't need to change any of our code to make it work. One of our thoughtful users supplied a custom OpenOffice Basic wrapper, and we are extremely pleased! We hope you are too. Learn more about OpenOffice.org. Our download is here.

08/31/06 Here is a note from Yahoo regarding real-time prices "Note to our users: due to consolidation of some of the major ECNs by the stock exchanges, beginning September 1st our free real-time ECN quotes will be changing. We will still be providing you with free real-time ECN quotes for Nasdaq listed stocks, as well as AMEX traded securities (including ETF's like QQQQ, DIA, MDY, etc); however, most real-time ECN quotes for NYSE stocks will be temporarily unavailable until October as a result of these changes in the marketplace which are beyond our control. We will still provide you with delayed NYSE exchange quotes during September and will resume free real-time ECN quotes for NYSE stocks in October"

08/01/06 Gilmore Software releases a new free product called Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager. This makes managing your email lists a snap.

07/26/2006 We made a few more fixes to the 2.0.6 release and made it our production release. This should fix the High/Low problem and some of you noticed the nag screen pop up when it should not have. Please let us know if you are having any more problems.

05/13/2006 Version 2.0.6 was released to fix a problem with the current trading day's high/low values. The symptom is that you see zero (0) for those values when you have real-time stock exchange selected.

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